Photo of plated chicken piccata with spent fresh lemons.

My Favorite Chicken Piccata Recipe

Seriously, you guys, I love a fresh chicken piccata on a hot summers night and this is my favorite recipe.

My husband corrected me when I was saying it’s the “best” because, well, I take some liberties with a traditional chicken piccata.  And he is the actual chef in the family…so I don’t want to argue.

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Starting a Weekly Gathering in Four Easy Steps

Every once in awhile you get a craving to do something more. Get outside of your comfort zone. For me, last summer, it was starting a weekly gathering of women in my home.

The purpose was to study the Bible, but for you, it could be gathering to knit or for a book club or even a wine tasting.

It’s the fact that you know spending time with people on the reg is important and you want to do something about it!

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we need others

Ya’ll, I am a loner. An introvert. Someone who can stay in her house for a week all by herself and be completely content.

But I’ve learned over the years (really, over the past few years) that I need others. We all need other people in our life.  Some of you learned that lesson a LONG time ago…I’m apparently on the slower side of life.

Last night was my last gals bible study for 2017. I came off of the night completely filled with love and hope that we can all experience authentic relationships, so long as we are real with one anther.

We all want to be known and loved.

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photo cred: Unsplash

first step

This morning on my way to work I was listening to the Marked podcast and Mary Margaret was interviewing Jennie Allen (check it out here).  Jennie was sharing about her journey and how her success only came after faithfully taking small steps that she was prompted to take.

There is another truth that has come up from listening to another podcast, “Do not compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.”

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White Dining Chairs with Black Lights

Favorite Dining Chairs

Truly, I am in love with Eames molded chairs.  They are my favorite dining chairs right now.  I have four knock-off’s in white around our small round wooden dining room table and every time I pull one out from under the table they make me smile.

Since I’ve had a hiatus from the Abode Cafe (reason being: life), I’ve decided to come back with a topic that brings me great joy. Chairs. Chairs that I know my favorite people will sit in and enjoy a homemade dinner together.  Where risotto will get spilled on the floor and dogs will be begging to be under our legs the entire time. 

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Party in an Empty Home Serving Set Up - the Abode Cafe

Party in an Empty House

A few weeks ago I celebrated my 32nd birthday with a handful of friends in our newly purchased home. There was nothing in the home but dreams of what it will become. I was eager to show it off – but how? There are no chairs, no couch, no carpet to get cozy on. A dance party was one thought – but our tenants may not appreciate the loud music on a Wednesday night before we’ve even met them.

So, I gathered all the extra blankets, sleeping bags, sheets, and pillows I could and piled them in the middle of the living room floor. Purchased a feast of cheeses and wine, and had some girlfriends over.

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How to jazz up boxed cake - the Abode Cafe

How to Jazz Up Boxed Cake

Haven’t you always wondered how to jazz up boxed cake?

Last weekend, I was buying food for dinner and we were having some friends over (carnitas taco night) and I was thinking I needed dessert.  About the time I was having that thought I walked down the baker aisle. I NEVER buy boxed cake mixes, it is so crazy easy to make a chocolate cake – that buying the boxed makes zero sense to me.

However, when I saw the lemon cake sitting there for $1.50 – I couldn’t say no. How easy is that?! Box mix, eggs, oil, water, cake pans, baked, done.

Well, almost done – you still need to ice the cake.

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Proverbs 2: The Lord Gives Wisdom :: The Abode Cafe


Reading Proverbs 2 today got me thinking how little wisdom I actually have, and how readily the God of the Universe wants to give us his.

To paraphrase verses 2-4: If you turn to a glimmer of what God says is true, you will find truth in Him.  To put it next to John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” So much goodness in God wanting to give us HIS wisdom!

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Fresh Flowers in the Home -

When I Don’t Feel Like Starting

Sometimes, when I don’t feel like starting something that I’ve been wanting to – I have to find a way to get out of the funk. Somehow, flowers always make me see my home in a fresh way. When I choose to bring the random stems home, rearrange them and place them where they are most visible – it changes my attitude.

There is something to them being a temporal enjoyment. These six beautiful buds are only going to be with me a week or two. It forces me to enjoy them more. And somewhere deep down, forces me to consider inviting others over to invite them as well.

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